Return of the Kingdom

Visiting RedMarch

Only Inn in town, Swinging sword, Orgramir and Glorn go to the somewhat shady bar across street.

They meet a Paladin; Latauro Bautista Fontez, attractive human charmer. and he is from far away

Arms seller:
He says Feyndra is who to talk to about special items.
Normal stuff to sell check out jibs weaponry and armor, Ell wick investigates into the town.

He says some people in town are upset maybe about a delegation of some sort, something did not arrive from somewhere else… late or missing maybe?

Vallivoe’s Sundries- Ellywick is excited, chatters about all the tinkering and playing. She demonstrates her fun toys and pieces, and plays w/ kiddos in shop. She asks bout items to buy and sell. Je is excited and wants to show a book to see if they can read it. It is beautiful, w/ gorgeous pictures. It is in dwarves.

Carly has comprehend languages and casts it to read the book. History of the dwarves of Mirabar. They are way North. Andrej is very interested and at Ellywicks urging

Faendra- custom leather worker, nice work

Back to Inn, a half orc female Is sitting with our two orc brothers. Complaining about certain people being stupid, and can not believe it. She is a caravan guard and recently quiet a caravan that came from bellied from westbridge and caravan went s w/o her She brawled w/ Mirabella dwarves then quiet and is now here. The delegation is now missing.

Orgrimir and Glory announce that they will be parting ways. Glorn has been lit with a fire of some kind and must go. orgrimmar decides he must go w. Him,

We find out the last place caravan was seen is SE, someone at the barber said a graveyard cropped up about 20 miles SE, and the sundries owner said the boat guy wjo sold jis peddler friend the book was 40 m SE


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