Return of the Kingdom

The source of the sickness...

So with Aska joining the party as Faralyn’s companion, and Torment joining as a equal providing member of the party, we follow Aska, who is leading us into the woods to show us what is causing the sick feeling in the woods.

The first night we are camping, during Faralyn and Atka’s watch, they hear something CRASHING IN THE WOODS.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a TROLL comes bumbling out of the woods right into our camp. The Party is ON it, climbing out of bedrolls to attack this monstrosity.

Upon its death, we find 200 silver pieces.

Atka leads us further to the woods to some ruins. The ruins are across the entire area, and in the center is a tree that is the only tree in the whole ruins. We notice that the leaves rustle as if from a breeze, but the air is still.

Faralyn and Caelynn put their hands on the bark, but feel nothing at all until Caelynn notices a feeling of pressure on her arm and sees a branch that was not there before holding onto her. More and more branches grab onto her as her mind is bombarded by a series of mages and emotions coming from the ageless tree. Images of this very place in another time. Many druids encircle this same tree holding hands, and the tree is vibrant and full of leaves. The air is filled with an acid scent and the druids start dropping one by one. Caelynn sees image after image culminating with a glowing orb. Suddenly the tree starts to crumble and decay. The trunk splits open and CAelynn stands and walks toward the tree and reaches into its center to find a palm-sized item from the remains of the trunk.


Torment relates stories from his youth. He had a grandfather tiefling who used to tell hom stories about the old druids. He knows a lot. He is ahlf mad, but extremely smart and may know more about those times.


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