Return of the Kingdom

Rejoining our adventure...

Off to hunt for treasure!!

After talking it over, we decide to follow the bard on his treasure mission. We will be going about 2 days. After 2 days, Gakdor leads us to the Base of a hill. There is ivy and moss and growth all over the place. “So, it is here somewhere,” says Gakdor, rubbing his hands together." Everyone investigates, and after much investigation, and finagling, the door opens and we enter. After about 69 feet, door to the left and Galdor looks left, says, what luck, and goes in. We look in and see 15 × 15 room. Center 5 × 5 pyramid with steps is a mace on top. Being helps by two arms. Carvings on the wall, old tapestries, and old writing. Galdor marches up to snatch the mace, but can not. He gets frustrated and flustered. Faralyn teases him about his lack in interest in the words and tapestries, and drags him to the wall. Carly realizes she can translate the writings with spells.


damiot01 jodie_amiot

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