Return of the Kingdom

Our arrival into Summerhill... and Galdor the Bard
...or... Faralyn gets hot and bothered...

The villagers arrive unto Summerhill quite tired, road wearied, and broken. We get the people settled into Inns, boarding homes, and with friends and relatives where they can start the long process of restarting their lives. As we are settling in, and getting acquainted, a jovial and handsome half elf seeks us out and asks if we could use some entertainment for our villagers for the evening, as he understands we have all been through some trails. We follow him to the local inn, and he treats us to song, dance, and tricks of legerdemain.

DURING THE ANTICS, Galdor finds Faralyn’s small elk figurine and is quite taken by it, insisting it reminds him of stories about a kind of key that belonged to the Empire of Girannor, a good and just Empire of long ago. The seal on the bottom of the silver elk is from that Empire, and these keys were known to open treasure caches scattered across the empire. Of course, the tale is one of tragedy and sadness, as a trusted adviser of the empire, a cruel vizier, betrayed and sabotaged the leaders and assassinated the entire family. This Vizier, _______________, broke the empire into many sections, and gave over control of these areas to mean hearted and evil henchmen. ____________ himself went on to attempt to become a Lich, but was thankfully thwarted. His rule ended many decades ago, but the many leaders who cropped up out of this larger empire are still going strong.

Galdor actually mentioned that he thinks he knows where one of these caches can be found, and would like to team up with us to go look for the cache and split the treasure between us. Caelynn immediately became unnerved by his offer and did not feel we should trust him. After reassuring the bard that only 1/3 of the share would do, Faralyn tells Galdor that the party will think on his offer and get back to him later on.

Faralyn can not help but be somewhat charmed by this handsome and compelling half elf, and hopes that the party may have an ally, albeit one that will have to be watched closely. Caelynn is concerned as to the bard’s trustworthiness and is worried he will betray them.

Before they depart his company, Faralyn shows him the WRIT seal, covering up the words that are there, and asks him if he is familiar with the seal. Galdor implies they need to agree to his offer first, but can’t help but eventually tell them to check the town square.

The party heads out early for the town square, as the aunties ALSO tell them to check the town square for the seal located on the WRIT. They are led to an administrative type building and into the town offices, where the very same seal on their paper is on the wall. A somewhat pompous goblin comes to greet us, introducing himself as Hipart, second in command to the great Lord Hade, Fuedal Lord of Summerhill. The party is immediately on guard. We tell them our people have come to town and are in need of assistance, and is there anyone who can help them get established since they have lost everything. The goblin officiously asks if we can write and instructs us to make sure all the villagers names are added to a list so that they can be assisted. We warmly and humbly thank him, and head on our merry way.

Faralyn is annoyed that, once again, her aunties decided to hold back somewhat valuable information, and not told her things that would be useful. They feel like we should

Galdor is a wandering Bard, and he likes this village b/c they are appreciative audiences, but it is a a smaller venue for him. He is a friend of adventure.

He has been in town for two weeks, and typically is not here for much longer then that. He is, however, interested in thank

Galdor assures us that Lord Hade IS NOT a pleasant master and the goblin is the most powerful and dangerous member of this town. They should not be crossed, and they should not be trifled with. He is impressed (at least he acts mildly so) that we know that Lord Hade is one of the henchman left over from the days of _______________, and affirms that Lord Hade is known for being vindictive and petty.

Galdor partners with us

The WRIT says, in essence,

You are to carry out our plans concerning the village of Tree Haven. Please depart as soon as possible.

Signed by
High Hipart, in the name of Lord Hade

He suggests we forget about it, and says that Lord Hade is known for his cruel retaliatory methods.

After analysis of all the data from the attack, we notice 2 factors:
1. The mayor of the village is dead.
2. Most of the fighting age men are dead, BUT there was early resistance


The salvage of Tree Haven
Making something out of nothing...

After the attacks are over, and everyone has convened together and been healed, rested, and

Due to the hard work of all the party, we manage to find quite a bit of random blankets, food, and sundry items.

With quite a bit of luck, we found a man in a collapsed basement who we rescued.

We also found a WRIT saying who these mercs were hired by… Ellywick recognizes that the text in in Dwarvish print, and it appears that the language is in Goblin, but none of us can read it, nor can we recognize the seal.

Faralyn brings the WRIT to Sebridia and Emerald to see if they recognize the writing. These two ladies are elderly wood elves, but do not have the bearing of wood elves. They are very prim and proper although they remain in the fray of helping and working with everyone else. They are not dressed fancily, but are immaculate.

The ladies give the impression that they were not IN the town when it was attacked.

There is a seal on the WRIT that Faralyn does not recognize, but the ladies say that they know someone who might know what it is in the town of Summerhill.

It is noted that the mayor has been killed, and upon discussion, Theldrin, a woodsman, is chosen to lead the people to Summerhill to resettle everyone.

In conversation with them, we find out that the aunties determined that something was unusual before the attacks occurred and left their home for the village, where they forewarned village guards of some issue and holed up outside the town to act as a meeting point for villagers to escape to. The armed mercenaries arrived very short;y after.

Faraly, Caelynn, Carly, Ellywick, Grolm, and Orgramir decide to escort the villagers to Summerhill.

Finding the Farm and village
The viewpoint of Faralyn the Ranger...

One evening, after a day of adventuring, we are all settling into camp, making dinner, collecting firewood, and making repairs when I noticed dark, thick plumes of smoke in the distance. I immediately know that this is coming from the direction of my home village, where my Aunties live on the home farm. I look over at Caelynn Holimion, my best friend and a druid from the same village, and we both break into a dead run toward the village, only stopping when absolutely necessary. Carly, the little fiesty gnome who has been travelling with us, followed us, and we all traveled all night only to find my farm burned to the ground. We find a multitude of horse hoof prints all over of a type we have never seen before. I noticed that the tracks almost cover up a familiar set of horse prints headed to the village that are heavier seeming, as if the horse bore the weight of two dear ladies. The evidence points to the fact that it seems the aunties MAY have escaped to the village, and the animals have all been taken.

We go at a dead run to the village essentially following the prints.

We arrive to a scene of chaos. The first thing we see is the sheer number of horsemen patrolling around the village.

We see villagers sporadically come out of the village running and sometimes are struck down and sometimes let go. We are completely helpless as we hear glass shattering, and people screaming.

All at once, many more screams break out, as the soldiers methodically torch the village buildings and leave in a cloud of dust. Instantly, I we take off towards the village in hopes of rescuing some of the people who must be trapped. Caelynn, the druid, stops as she hears her name called out, and we see that some of the escapees from the village have gathered hiding outside the village. I see Caelynn stop to help them, but I keep on toward the village to see what can be done.

Upon entering the village, it is quiet except for the raging fire. Smoke makes everything hard to see, but I hear a small hoarse scream from the upper rooms of a house nearby, and I hear banging coming from the inn. I hear horses screaming, and see them tied up outside the inn. Looking at the house where the hoarse scream came from, I see that there is no window readily available on the upper floor, so decide to first cut the horses free on my way to see about the banging that was coming from the Inn, which I can only assume are people trapped in the inn. I kick the door open as to not burn myself, only to be taken surprise by 4 mercenaries pillaging the inn. I duck back behind the wall of the inn as quickly as I can and flee around the other side of the building hoping to not get killed by the men. I also realize that if I am to find where the scream was coming from, I have no time for any delays.

I frantically flee towards the original building where the hoarse screams were coming from. Seeing billowing smoke, I wet my bandanna with my water, and tie it around my mouth and nose and successfully break the door down. I hope I am on time as I climb the ladder to the attic and see a child who is barely breathing. I pick up the child and make my way back down the ladder and exit the building.

Upon exiting the domicile, I hear combat and looks for my comrades. I remember the mercenaries and worry that they found my friends. I hope that Caelynn can help the rescued child. I turn the corner and see Carly, the half orcs, and Ellywick struggling to stay ahead of the mercenaries. Caelynn is healing one of the half orc brothers who looks in pretty bad shape. I gently set the child down temporarily to shoot the mercenary who is attacking our comrade, Orgramir, who looks like a very bloody half orc. Watching the battle, I see another opening, but this time miss my shot. Caelynn makes a fantastic shot and the mercenary reels from the blow. I hit another mercenary, and he does not look good. I watch my friends fight against the mercenaries; one has run away, and another has perished. The other two are holding their own and fighting fiercely. Orgramir strikes a solid blow, bringing one of the brutes to the ground. Carly strikes the killing blow onto the last mercenary to the relief of the entire party.

I urgently pick up the child, and the party reunites with the refugees to see who might be among the survivors.

The Beginning...

We completed creation of the characters and formation of the final party, completely using the new D&D 5.0 rules. This is going to be fun!


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