Return of the Kingdom

The salvage of Tree Haven

Making something out of nothing...

After the attacks are over, and everyone has convened together and been healed, rested, and

Due to the hard work of all the party, we manage to find quite a bit of random blankets, food, and sundry items.

With quite a bit of luck, we found a man in a collapsed basement who we rescued.

We also found a WRIT saying who these mercs were hired by… Ellywick recognizes that the text in in Dwarvish print, and it appears that the language is in Goblin, but none of us can read it, nor can we recognize the seal.

Faralyn brings the WRIT to Sebridia and Emerald to see if they recognize the writing. These two ladies are elderly wood elves, but do not have the bearing of wood elves. They are very prim and proper although they remain in the fray of helping and working with everyone else. They are not dressed fancily, but are immaculate.

The ladies give the impression that they were not IN the town when it was attacked.

There is a seal on the WRIT that Faralyn does not recognize, but the ladies say that they know someone who might know what it is in the town of Summerhill.

It is noted that the mayor has been killed, and upon discussion, Theldrin, a woodsman, is chosen to lead the people to Summerhill to resettle everyone.

In conversation with them, we find out that the aunties determined that something was unusual before the attacks occurred and left their home for the village, where they forewarned village guards of some issue and holed up outside the town to act as a meeting point for villagers to escape to. The armed mercenaries arrived very short;y after.

Faraly, Caelynn, Carly, Ellywick, Grolm, and Orgramir decide to escort the villagers to Summerhill.


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