Return of the Kingdom

"Of course! They have a Hill Giant!"

Upon the Tiefling waking, he remembers something that causes him extreme anguish. Apparently, there is a violent and evil Creature in the woods causing havoc. It is destroying the woods, hurting the animals, and just causing chaos everywhere. He is adamant that he must go back immediately to hunt the thing down.

We all calm him briefly enough to get his story and make introductions. The Tiefling says to call him Torment, and he is part of the Wolf Barbarian Tribe. This wolf pack is his brothers and sisters. It is fighting the monster that hurt Torment’s leg so grievously. The Alfa male, in fact, was killed in the encounter. The large white Alpha female, named Atka, was his mate.

The party agrees that the monster must be dealt with, but that it will be dangerous so planning is a necessity. We spend the rest of the day comparing spells, examining attack strategies and thinking. Ellywick has some information on our foe, which we believe to be a Hill Giant. Orgrimir remembers that they do NOT have dark vision and that they must sleep. We all agree to head out in the late afternoon to track the monster.

We track the giant for the better part of two days when we hear crashing and banging in the woods. We slow down and cautiously approach to see a crazed giant in the woods.


We quietly wait for him to get worn out and fall asleep so we can attack. After he is snoring, we circle around and surround him. The melee people attack first and then the ranged spell casters and bowmen follow. When the giant wakes up from the attacks, he is enraged and begins thrashing around attempting to hit one of us. We go in and out taking hits on the Hill Giant. Torment rushes the Giant but misses his attack, Faralyn fires her bow, Carly casts Witch Bolt and lights the giant up in swaths of electrical light. Ellywick attempts to Catapult a log at his head, but he manages to move in time. Then Orgrimir makes solid contact with his ___________, and delivers the killing blow.



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