Return of the Kingdom

Into the woods

Our party successfully escaped the dungeons and heads towards the woods. We find a place tp camp for the night and then scope out a location for watching the road to monitor the return of the Bard. Instead, we see a score of soldiers from Summerhill riding horseback down the road. There is one in no armor, but dressed similarly in the same sigils of Lord Hado. We wait for the party to move on, then turn and head due E, deep into the woods, moving quickly and covering our trail.

We stop for breaks and after about three days of travel, we notice movement in the woods. A giant, almost white wolf, with sharp blue eyes comes out from the woods. Several additional wolves come out from the woods behind her.


A much younger wolf comes bounding forward and yelps out, “Help us! Help us! Please Help, he’s hurt! Our brother is hurt!” After getting confirmation from the Alpha wolf, who is female, we follow them.

The wolf pack Leads us to an outcropping of stone. The pup stops with the pack and says, “He’s in there, He’s in there!” We approach the cave and there is a humanoid male lying there. As we approach, we see he has dark Auburn hair and reddish brown skin, he has completely white eyes and sharp teeth. There is big thick tail behind him. He yells, “Keep away from me!” and struggles to back up and fight against himself. Pushing back against the ground dragging his leg with him. His leg is twisted and hurt and bone is showing through.


He passes out from pain.

Caelynn heals the leg for a small amount of healing but enough to stabilize him and close off the wound and repair the bone. The alpha Female comes and lays down next to the man, who we determine to be a Tiefling. Faralyn and Carly get herbs to help with pain while Ellywick builds the fire back up and boils water for cleaning and tea. Caelynn continues to heal him, and we plan to camp for the night.


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