Return of the Kingdom

Heading into the wilderness

Rescuing the children

After Ellywick and Carly’s foray into Spring Hill, they discovered in the last adventure that the aunties are gone from Spring Hill and have not been spotted since the party originally left. the two gnomes also find out that the Orcs are actively being hunted and Faralyn is wanted for questioning. The gnomes are considered “persons of interest.”

The party decides to head to the wilderness in the direction of the old empire. They understand that there is nothing for them here at the moment, and although Faralyn wants to go hunting for her aunts, she knows her path lies elsewhere.

The group knows that the border is the West, and somewhere beyond that is the origins of the Empire.

About a week into their journey, they spot two hobgoblins watching them from the trees, and although Faralyn ensures they are not following them, the party is on gaurd.

Soon after they move through the area, the party sees a tiny hamlet with a few houses scattered around a center meeting area. There are people milling about and sadness permeates the people. The party needs to rest, and thinks to ask the people if they are welcome to camp in the vicinity without problems. Before they are really able to make the inquiry though, some agressive townspeople exit a building and challenge us. Carly eloquently calms them down with the assurance that we mean no harm and simply want to camp. They begrudgingly agree while blowing us off, but it is obvious that the town has way more important things to be worried about.

Orgrimar asks, “What happened here”, and is told that a band of hobgoblins raided the village and stole everything. “Everything?” we ask, “Yes, our children are gone” We are all dumbfounded for a moment as we try to undertsand wat this means, and many questions are asked all at once. We learn that about a dozen hobgoblins surrounded the village, came into the houses, and took children, weapons, money, and everything. Looking around, we see bruises and black eyes to back the story. Ellywick storms away, walking down the road with an angry and determined look on her face. She insists they follow, but Faralyn stops her and starts looking for tracks and evidence of passage. It is not hard to find, and the whole party is off; all of them determined to recover the innocents.

Glorn is at the front of the pack as he seems very troubled and disturbed by the events. The party makes great time following the hobgoblins, and by dusk we have discovered where the hobgoblins had a wagon waiting for them. The two watchmen send out an alert and hobgoblins are hurriedly getting the kids on the wagon.

Orgrimeer and Glorn start running toward the group, Faralyn casts Hunter’s Mark and Shoots one of the watchers immediatley. Carly casts Moonbeam on the other watcher at the same time that Ellywick attempts to catapult a rock into his chest.

Caelyn turns int a wolf, and she heads around the group to intercept the horses. Faralyn sends Akta with Caelyn.

Through attacking, Ellywick blinding, Caelyn and Akta attacking the drivers, and Caelyn’s moonbeam, the party successfully defeats the challenge.

See the wiki for treasure we collected.

The party successfully gets the children home, and leaves 50 gold with the village as well as everything that was taken.

We stay with the villagers for a few days to hunt for game, and get to know the town people. We also find out that there is almost no patrols that come through the area from Lord Hade’s administration. When asked about the closest town, tey refer us back to Spring Hill.


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